Sacred Plant Medicine

Discover how the Sacred Plant Allies support you on your path to healing

Imagine feeling the barriers that have kept you resistant to your success your whole life, melting away in one day.

“Being able to sit in ceremony with Amanda is such a treat! My heart feels so open! May all healing be this easy and joyful!” ~Lakshmi, Reiki Master, Fairy Goddess Mother to the World



Sacred Plant Allies, when experienced in a safe and sacred container by an experienced facilitator can take a lifetime of struggle and transform it into a gentle opening into grace, joy and success beyond your imagination.


Amanda Elo’Esh offers a completely unique ceremonial experience that is rooted in a diverse tapestry of different initiations and education that honor Indigenous and Sacred Feminine Wisdom (check out the About page).

Break Through To Your Best & Highest Success


Whether you are called to women-only circles, co-ed visioning, private one-on-one ceremonies, or micro-dosing . . . Amanda helps you to discover how the Sacred Plant Allies support you on your path to healing, and she helps you to reach your best and highest Self through gentle, joyful awakening.


“There is no other path as accelerated as the Plant Medicine Path.” ~Amanda Elo’Esh

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Monthly Women-Only Micro-Dose Ceremonies

Seasonal Co-Ed Visioning Ceremonies

One-on-One Private Ceremonies: These are lovingly created to meet your personal needs and goals (Please schedule a call to explore with Amanda)

Sacred Amazon Medicine Initiation (Shipibo Ayahuasca Ceremony & Initiation in the Amazon)

Personal Success Mentoring: You can learn how to prepare for, work with, and integrate the healing from Sacred Plant Allies as well as learn Amanda’s formula to Unlock Your Success Codes. (Please schedule a call to explore with Amanda)

***All ceremonies are offered safely and legally through Medicine Path Native American Church Medicine Path Graphic