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You’re 987 feet up, looking over the cliff. Wind hits your face as you peek over the edge. You can see and hear the waves crashing against the jagged rocks below. You’re not sure how you got here, but you know there’s no other way out. Your heart pounds as you prepare to step off the edge.

 Have you ever felt chained to your desk doing work you're not passionate about? But then when you think about handing in your notice, it starts to feel like stepping off a cliff into certain death?

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What if you could drop that j.o.b. that pays the bills but kills your soul WITHOUT LOSING YOUR MONEY SAFETY NET? Sounds pretty good, right?

Would you like to know the first step?

Stop letting fear make you act like a caterpillar. Trust that you have wings that will carry you as you step off the edge of your comfort zone.

Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

The more you act like a caterpillar, the harder it is to fly like a butterfly. And the longer you stay stuck inside the safe cocoon of your job that pays the bills but kills your soul, the less likely you will be to ever live your calling.

I KNOW WHAT THAT’S LIKE. I’VE BEEN THERE. It can feel like your life is just ticking away when deep down you know you could be doing something fulfilling.

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My name is Amanda Elo’esh, and that’s why I’m so passionate about helping professional women who are struggling with not being valued in their job.

As I traveled the world as an international speaker and teacher, what I found is that professional women often feel chained to your desk, doing work you don’t feel passionate about. You feel like you’re dying on the inside because deep down, you know you’re not making the difference you came here to make. Most of the time, you are putting in unpaid hours to make your job a pleasant experience and instead of being valued, it’s taken for granted.

Karl Pillemer of Cornell University spoke with almost 1500 elders who said their most valuable advice for younger generations is: "Do Not stay in a job you dislike."

What you really want is to be acknowledged for your hard work and talent, and to have more personal power and freedom.

The Dalia Lama said that the Western Woman would save the world, and I'm pretty sure it's not through grinding away at a 9-5 that's chipping away at your joi de vivre.

Once I let go of my safe job, I got my master’s degree, traveled the world, got to work intimately with Vice Presidential Candidate & visionary of Agents of Conscious Evolution, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and became steward of The Center for Living Wisdom that has hosted world-class performers, healers and teachers from around the world including John Densmore of The Doors, Mayan Shamans, and Tibetan Lamas. My dreams came true once I stepped outside my comfort zone and yours can too.

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Even though all you might have ever known is being an earthbound caterpillar, RIGHT NOW, something powerful inside you is whispering: “It’s your turn to fly.”

For those of you who are really serious about breaking out of your job that pays the bills, but kills your soul, I want to do something special for you.

My mentoring time is valued at $500 per hour, but if you are really serious about taking the leap and finally doing what your soul knows you came here to do, I want to do something special for you.


This is specifically for those of you who have been struggling with feeling chained to your desk, feeling like you’re dying on the inside because you’re not doing work you’re passionate about and you’re serious about making the difference in the world you came here to make.

I’m going to gift you with a 1:1 complimentary “Break Through Your J.O.B.” Discovery Session.” No catch. I'm living my purpose and it's my calling and my joy to help others who are serious about doing the same.

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In this session, we’ll look at where you are now, what your specific goals are and what may be stopping you from having what you ultimately want. I’ll give you some helpful resources to help you right away.

I can't wait to connect with you and help you break through your j.o.b!

x & o

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